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DR.ELIF’S micro-graft hair treatment

Using “micro-grafts” harvested from your own healthy hair, this treatment is an all-natural hair growth treatment with minimal side-effects (unlike medications) and no social downtime (unlike surgery).

This is an innovative treatment procedure intended to inhibit hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair.


  • Stimulates the growth of new hair
  • Hair thickening
  • Inhibition of hair loss
  • Boosting the regenerative processes


  • Androgenic alopecia in men and woman
  • Hair thinning
  • Hair loss

How does it work?

This treatment is best described as “regenerative” in the sense that it uses your body’s own ability to regenerate – in this case, hair follicles. It is also autologous, which means it is using the body’s own resources.

This process not only activates follicles that are nearing the end-phase of their life (known as miniaturized hairs, which are the small, fine hairs you see – or you don not see – in cases of thinning), but also plants new hair follicles. Any previously dying follicles can once again become healthy, and over time, capable of producing denser and thicker hair as your hair cycle returns to normal.

How long does the treatment take to work?

The whole process promotes the growth of new hair follicles and the first results can usually be observed within four to six months. As with traditional surgical hair transplants, and such is the way with the human hair cycle (it is a slow process), any new hairs mature and thicken across the months from which they first appear.

What is the downtime?

Unlike traditional surgical hair transplants, which involve large grafts being taken from the back of your head, there is no downtime and you can return to your daily activities straight away, although physical activity is not recommended for 48 hours.

The technique is a one-off-session, and is safe and completely natural. In fact, treatments only last approximately 45-60 minutes.

How many treatments are needed?

Just one *** treatment in about 30-45 minutes and ZERO downtime. Visible results starting after 3- 6 months of the treatment.

What results should I expect?

The treatment helps the follicular units to regain their normal cycle. As a first sign, slowing down of hair loss is expected, followed by improved density and thickness of existing hair. New hair growth is seen in the second stage of regeneration, in the next 6 months.

There is no result guarantee given with this treatment. Because the results may vary from person to person.




Procedures are performed exclusively by


Dr Elif is a highly skilled Dermatologist who specializes in Advanced Medical Aesthetic procedures, skin treatments and Anti-aging Treatments. She has over 7 years of experience in medical and cosmetic skin problems and medical aesthetics procedures. She graduated in Turkey and worked in Turkey, Cyprus. She is also a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, American Academy of Dermatology, Turkish Dermatology Assosiation and Turkish Medical Assosiation.

She believes that beauty is not only about finding the perfect fit but it also has to be the most natural fit. Our treatments are tailored individually to provide patients with the most cost-effective treatments as well as minimize the pain and downtime.

Dr Elif says that ‘‘Aesthetic procedures can be described as a long journey. In this journey, you should find the right doctor who walks side by side with you.’’


1. After booking, we will contact you shortly.

2. We require a £50 deposit to secure your slot. This is taken off the cost of your treatment on the day. The deposit is non-refundable.

3. Any changes to your appointment must be done 72 hours before the appointment. Otherwise, you will lose your full deposit.

4. Each appointment takes one hour.

5. Consultation and treatment will be done on the same day.

6. Consultation is included in the price.