Tear Trough Filler


The presence of sunken, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes causes tired and older looking. The volume loss in tear trough area is replaced by dermal filler and tired expression under the eye is corrected. This results in a healthier, more fresh and younger facial expression.

The procedure takes totally 15 minutes and it is almost painless.

Tear Trough Treatment Process:

  • Topical numbing cream is applied to the under-eye region.
  • A single entry point is punctured with a needle. The cannula which is blunt-needle proceeds from this entry point.
  • The cannula is passed through the tissues and reach the tear trough area.
  • There is no pain during the procedure.
  • The effect will be seen immediately after the treatment but you should wait two or three weeks to see the final result.

How long do the Tear Trough fillers last?

The tear trough fillers last 10-12 months. The tear trough filler may remain longer due to the absence of mimic movements in this area. The persistence of fillers is prolonged in persons who regularly perform this procedure.


Tear Trough / Under eye Filler 1ml : £500

1 ml Tear trough filler + 1 ml mid-face filler: £850

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