Isabel Shaw

I went to Dr Elif for my nose filler and she was extremely friendly and professional. I have wanted this for months and been in regular contact with her, she explain clearly all the risks and ensured i made an informed decision about the procedure and ensured that i was making the best choice for me. Thank you for being so professional and doing such a good job on me, i felt so safe in your care. Brilliant work! Looking forward to coming to you again! Thank you :)

Carla Dommet

I cannot recommend Dr Elif enough! I hate my profile because of my nose. I was so nervous before my nose filler appointment but as she really took the time to explain everything, I felt confident going through with the treatment and I am in love with the result. It was a life changer for me.
She takes her time and wants to build a true relationship with her patients so she can understand what you want with no pressure or rush!
There is no one else who I’d trust or go to, If I could I’d give her 100 stars!!
So many of my family and friends have gone to Dr Elif and they all feel the same way!

Jennifer Parsa

Dr Elif is a very professional aesthetic doctor. I had my third botox treatment with her and I am happy with the result. She is patient and makes me calm. She is friendly and I feel very comfortable in her hands because she is an expert. Can't wait to see her again.

Sara Wood

What an amazing experience!! Dr Elif was patient and friendly. I am in love with my under eye and I don't look tired anymore. I am looking forward to seeing you again.


I highly recommend Dr Elif! It was my first time ever having Jawline Filler and the results she has produced are just remarkable. It has given me such an incredible confidence boost and I would even say its life-changing for me. This being my first time, I became a little anxious during the procedure but was made to feel relaxed again very quickly and reassured that everything I was feeling was completely normal. Just wish I had come to Dr Elif sooner!

Silvia Sahan

I would strongly recommend Dr Elif. She is very professional and a lovely person. We decided to do a fat dissolving injection to address my double chin. It was not painful, and I am very happy with the result. I would recommend her and now I also understand why she has only amazing reviews!!! Thanks again!

Bahat Sarı

I am so glad to meet her, I have finally found a Dr. who has the best work, sweet personality and pain-free with amazing results... 100 % recommended ❤️

Sabrina vegilate

Extremely friendly and would most definitely recommend anyone to choose Dr Elif. I have been coming to the clinic for over a year and have always been so pleased with my results. I had a double chin problem and I could not get rid of it even losing over 10 kilos. However, Dr Elif did fat dissolving injections and I am delighted with the result. it boosts my self-confidence. Highly recommend and will be back soon!

Isabella Norton

My experience was amazing! I am very happy with my choice of Dr Elif. She is expert in her field! She was super impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and treatment plan which was tailored specifically for my face. It was very important to me that the results looked natural.I couldn’t recommend her enough! And will definitely be going to her when considering other cosmetic treatments.

Charlotte Smith

I looked always tired because of my under eye hollow. I have been searching for the best doctor for a year. Finally, I found Dr Elif and she is the best. I trust her and I am delighted with my result. My friend said I look fresh now. Dr Elif is very friendly and patient. I recommend Dr Elif for everyone.

Caroline Shreya

Dr Elif, thank you so much for today, thank you for being so caring and supportive as I was nervous. I am in love with my nose. It is life-changing to me. You are a true professional and expert what you do. Definitely seeing you ASAP, you are amazing.

Alex Salt

Very professional paid outstanding attention to detail met all my needs and went beyond to help me out and get the best results very very happy!!! Totally recommend.

Özlem Işık

She is one of a kind doctor in Greater London area since I first got there, I have been addicted to her clinic and go there every Friday for another treatment regularly and been a great fan of her kind manners and incredible treatments. My skin is glowing now like the stars on a dark sky. I strongly recommend her treatments. Besides, the manners, clear explanations and calmness are extra bonuses people miss to experience recently. I feel so lucky to have met her. Thank you, Elif for everything. May God bless you!

Bengü Solak

From initial Instagram communication to the treatment. I cannot fault Dr Elif. She's absolutely brilliant .. cannot wait to see the results of my treatment today.

Michael Said

Dr Elif is absolutely the best. Her attention to details is amazing and her advice is always for my best interest. I visit all the way from Texas to go to her and will continue to do so. Thank you ??

Marta Badowska

Very good practitioner, I had a few procedures, everything came out perfect.

Amy Smith

Dr Elif is amazing and can honestly work miracles! I have done tear trough treatment and I am impressed with my results; natural and beautiful. She is innovative, precise, informative and super talented. I researched to find a doctor for several months. I am very happy to find the right doctor for my tear trough treatment. My experience was amazing!

Allison Hander

It's rare that you find a cosmetic professional who is very talented, practical, personable and down to earth. Dr Elif exceeded my expectations when I thought there were no more solutions for what I wanted to be done on myself without compromising how I naturally look. He has been more than willing to help me get to where I want to be and doesn't make me feel like an inconvenience. When I walk in, I am warmly greeted, remembered and receive positive feedback on the treatments that I have received. I am sure that I will have long-lasting relationships with Dr Elif.

Daniella Hammond

Dr Elif was great. She is very talented and made my first experience getting fillers a positive one. The process was smooth and painless, and I am absolutely loving my results. My face looks sculpted and natural. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks =)

Wendy Clark

Received jawline filler treatment. I am quite satisfied with the results. I was in two minds about getting an operation however this quick and painless treatment worked fine. Thank you

James Brett

Can’t say enough good things about Dr Elif! Professional, knowledgeable, skilled and friendly. Loved my treatments and will be back for sure! I felt very comfortable and after having been to a few other locations, this was by far my best experience!

Holly Goodman

Dr Elif is so warm and personable even after all of her success. Thanks to her, my skin is looking amazing. Also want to add that she starts out slow with your first appointment, and from there, intensifies/caters to your individual needs per visit more and more as you become more acquainted with everything. That’s great. I love my experience here. Thank you, Dr Elif!

Melissa Max

This was my first experience with filler and Dr Elif was pure perfection! From her calm, warm explanation of what we were going to achieve, to her amazing listening to my desired outcome to making me feel so special and beautiful it was the best experience I could ask for. What an incredible experience!

Yahya Sadik

I am very happy to recommend Dr Elif. My visit was relaxed and treatments comfortable. She knows a lot about the face ages and she is very professional and friendly. I felt so comfortable talking with her regarding my concerns. I am happy with my anti-ageing injections. I had a great experience overall. Highly recommend!

Ulker Ahmed

Amazing experience ? I am happy with my nose. Dr Elif explains every detail to me and She is talented. I am looking forward to seeing her for my Botox injection. Thank you very much

Alicia Lartey

Dr Elif & her colleague are incredibly skilled & listen to what their patient wants. They have done such a brilliant job I’m so happy with the results!

Anna Kelly

I can not recommend Dr Elif enough! I do not trust any other Doctor with my Face. I had a tear trough procedure and I am feeling happier and myself again! A pure perfectionist and The most amazing doctor I highly recommend the Dr Elif. Thank you doc.

Yesim Yildiz

I would give 7 stars. Dr Elif is the best and I could not be happier with my nose. Dr Elif is wonderful people who make me feel so welcome every time I visit. I look forward to having a new treatment. Thank youuuu?

Jennifer Z.

I Was So Nervous & Little Scared When I Came In I Had No Idea What To Expect. I Couldn't Be Anymore Happier I Love My New Lips They Gave Me The Look I Always Wanted. Dr Elif Was So Nice & Sweet Definitely Going To Get More Stuff Done In Future. The results are really life-changing and gave a lot more confidence. I Love To Smile Now ?

Mehmet Ahmed

I strongly recommend Dr Elif. She is so experienced and friendly. I had the nose filler done and the result is amazing. She checked up on me every single day after the procedure. Thank you doc, I like my new look. I already had my second appointment.

Atefeh T

I had the Nose filler done with Dr Elif, I used to be very insecure about my nose, I had the procedure done two months ago and it looks amazing, what I also like about the service is she kept in contact with me and is still checking to see how I am and how I’m finding the nose filler. I highly recommend this treatment, the pain was minimal and bearable.

Fatma Aslan

Dr Elif is very friendly, helpful and professional. I had a very pleasant experience with my under-eye treatment. The whole process was very quick and pain-free, very pleased with the result. I highly recommend her great services!

Cansu B

From beginning to end this was a wonderful experience! The initial mail and confirmation call seeking an appointment was greeted with kind efficiency. The meeting with Dr Elif was a superb listening to me and analysis of my needs and we started right away. Over 10 days I had several treatments and love the results. I strongly recommend Dr Elif !!

Michael Brown

Fabulous experience. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of having injectable. the consultation and then the treatment was amazing. She was very friendly, informative, took time to explain everything and answer all questions and the final result was great. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you, Dr Elif !!!

Sidar Over

When I went to Dr Elif, I was scared as it was my first time, getting lip filler done, she made me get comfortable and told me not to get scared. We were talking about why I wanted to get my lips done, she told me she’s going to make me be happy all the time and that was the outcome! I loved it so much, she’s the best!

Ezgi Sil

Dr Elif is amazing! I’ve had quite a few procedures from her including lip fillers, nasolabial fold fillers, jawline fillers and double-chin dissolving. She performed exceptionally on all of these. She also corrected my previous poorly filled lips and I am much more confident thanks to her skills of art. She took the time to listen to my concerns and are one of those rare professionals that would not perform a treatment unless she truly thinks you need it. Very genuine, pleasant and calm mannered Doctor and I do not plan on visiting anyone else but her in the future!

Gamze Akmandor

Dr Elif is great! I have had treatment for mole removal and she explained everything before the procedure and also called me back for a check-up which then she was able to check if there was anything remaining and if so to top it up. I definitely plan on going back for other beauty treatments!

Fulya Gönen

I highly recommend Dr Elif Clinic. I went for skin booster treatment and I am truly amazed at the results. I noticed a considerable improvement after the first treatment. I have had various skin booster treatments in the past but have never had such great results as I have had at Dr Elif Clinic. If you are thinking about having any treatments then I highly recommended Dr Elif. You won't be disappointed.

Dilek Arik

I have been to Dr Elif twice for lip fillers. I cannot recommend her enough. It can be a daunting process finding a practitioner you can trust. Dr Elif was extremely informative and listened to exactly what I wanted to achieve from the process. She is always available to discuss any concerns before and after the procedure. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Ali Emre Turan

Dr Elif treated forehead lines on my face with botox. I was extremely pleased with the natural look after the application and ended up going to see her again to have fillers in my lips. The results were amazing. As a medical doctor myself, I would highly recommend her clinic.

Murat Pehlivan

My skin looked smoother and refreshed with the botox it applied to me, and then the light filler it applied to my eyes had lost my tired look. thanks to the talented young lady for giving me my old self-confidence

Melis Demir

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Elif. Whenever I visit I am made to feel most welcome and it is a pleasure to attend her clinic. I have just had my third treatment of fillers and am so very pleased with the results. She is so knowledgeable and professional. I can always call for advice. I will definitely be returning for further treatments. All my friends have been very impressed with my results and say they will be contacting the clinic.

Ayge Laing

She is highly professional & welcoming. I had deep acne scars and sunspots on my face. I can honestly say that this lovely lady applies the best and most effective treatments. She used a variety of treatments including Derma Pen and Peelings on my skin, I could have never believed I would have such smooth skin. I am loving my new skin, thank you Elif!
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