Lemon bottle or Kybella (Aqualyx) which one is better?

As the most experienced fat-dissolving clinic in London (over a thousand sessions a year), we would like to inform the public about fat-dissolving products.

Lemon bottle contains pineapple extract and there are NO active ingredients!

There is NO scientific study or medical research about lemon bottle to show it is safe or effective. This means that in the future it may cause very important diseases or side effects that we are not aware of!

Lemon bottle do NOT have USA FDA approval or European/ UK CE mark for medical devices, which are clear indicators of safety and efficacy!

Lemon bottle has NO approval from professional bodies. This means that there is NO legal insurance for injectors and patients as well. If you have any side effects in the future, there is NO compensation!

Kybella/ Aqualyx (Deoxycholic acid)

The main ingredient of Aqualyx is deoxycholic acid. It has USA FDA approval (8 years ago)or European/ UK CE mark(13 years ago) for medical devices. Patients and doctors are fully insured for this molecule.

In the medical literature, there are hundreds of deoxycholic acid fat-dissolving studies in which nearly thousands of patients are involved. We can clearly say that this molecule is safe and effective to dissolve fat in the human body.

Deoxycholic acid has been on the market for more than 13 years. This means that we know its long term benefits and side effects.

Our clinic approach,

As an ethical medical doctor, we do not offer any treatment that has no scientific evidence showing it is safe and effective. Our top priority is our patient’s well-being. This is why we do not offer lemon bottle fat-dissolving treatment in our clinic.

If you are interested fat dissolving treatment and the before and after photos, please visit our website below. Thank you.

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